Ouverts à toutes et tous, quatre tables rondes sont organisées sur le stand France. Les échanges se tiendront en anglais.

Tuesday 25 July 2017 

12.00–13.00: HIV Screening: Fighting the Hidden Epidemic

Screening at the Heart of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Policy, Jean-Christophe Comboroure, Head of the Office of HIV infections, STIs, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis; Directorate General for Health, French Ministry for Solidarity and Health 

Reassessment of France’s HIV Screening Strategy, Emmanuelle Papot, Inserm UMR 1137 – IAME – DeSCID Team; Project Manager, French National Authority for Health (HAS)

The Role of Communities in Innovative Screening Strategies, Vincent Leclercq, AIDES/TRT-5/Coalition PLUS 

13.00–14.00: Resource-Limited Countries: the example of Clinical Research Led with Countries for the Benefit of Patients  

ANRS’New Ethics Charter for Research in Developing Countries, Claire Rekacewiz, Head of Research in Resource-Limited Countries, French National Agency for AIDS Research (ANRS) 

Research in Resource-Limited Countries: the Example of the Mobidip Trial, Laura Ciaffi, TransVIHMI Laboratory, UMI 233 IRD – Inserm U1175, Montpellier University

Ethical Issues Regarding Key Populations, Adeline Bernier, Community Research Programme Project Officer, Coalition PLUS 

Wednesday 26 July 2017 

12.00–13.00: PrEP: from Research to Access for Those in Need 

Truvada as PrEP in HIV Prevention: Early Protocol-Based Access in France via a Temporary Recommendation for Use. Around 3000 People Treated before the Granting of a Marketing Authorization, Nathalie Morgensztejn, Head of Virology and Gene Therapy Division, French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) 

Scaling Up PrEP in a Fast-Track City: a Challenge for Paris, Eve Plenel, Coordinator, Towards an AIDS-Free Paris

From Science to Implementation, Jean-Michel Molina, Head of Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department, Saint-Louis Hospital (AP-HP) 

13.00–14.00: Cure and Vaccine: the Challenges for Basic Research and Vaccine Research 

Towards Remission of HIV Infection?, Asier Sáez-Cirión, HIV Inflammation and Persistence Unit, Institut Pasteur  Antibodies: Vaccination and Remission,

Christiane Moog, INSERM 1109, Strasbourg University, VRI (Vaccine Research Institute)

HIV reservoirs, TBA.